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What Was I Thinking? is a collection of first-person essays describing the moment in a relationship when, no matter how much you think it should work, or want it to work, orneed it to work, you get that it’s not going to work.  Maybe you overheard the wrong thing due to the physics-defying acoustics in the ladies’ room you ducked into during a dinner date (as in Amy Wruble’s “Junk in the Trunk”).  Maybe you realized that it’s just impossible to be with a guy who orders a “creche” of wine instead of a carafe of wine, because “Hey, Baby. I’m a writer. I play with words.” (as in Lynn Snowden Picket’s “Norm Crosby Syndrome”). Or maybe it was as obvious as having your boyfriend say that he thinks of other women during sex with you (as in Rhonda Talbot’s “Revenge Baby”).

Whatever the details of that head-slapping moment, these epiphanies make great stories—whether frantically texted, recounted over lattes, or savored in What Was I Thinking?  Included in this collection are more than fifty classic bad boyfriend stories, from writers including:



Carrie Fisher
Claudia Handler
Bonnie Bruckheimer
Maira Kalman
Cindy Chupack
Rachel Resnick
Mimi Pond
Francesca Lia Block
Nicole Hollander


“Fifty-eight boyfriend stories that are (hopefully) worse than your own! Fabulous, humorous and outrageous.”–OK! Magazine