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Jessica’s Story: I Saw The Sign

I Saw The Sign

First off, I’ll just admit it – I’m
an actor.

I’ve been acting since I was three years old and it was always my
dream to live in Los Angeles and pursue my career there.

Unfortunately, I fell for a guy whose dream was to pursue a career in

We had a long distance relationship for almost four years. During
that time we were always trying to get the other person to move to
our respective towns.

One day we decided a good “compromise” would be to get an apartment
together in Western Connecticut. He could drive to his job in Western
Massachusetts everyday and I could take a quick train ride into NYC
and pursue my career there. We got a beautiful apartment on the
water, I was living with the guy I loved, working as an actor, and
living closer to my east coast family and friends. I should have been

I wasn’t.

I woke up every day missing Los Angeles. Everything about it – my
friends, the sights, the smells, the people, the sunshine, the
traffic. For some reason, it just felt wrong to be in CT.

I starting praying everyday that God would either, a) make me forget
LA, or b) give me a sign that I needed to go back.

After praying for four months, I got my sign.

My boyfriend and I were driving to a party when he mentioned he was
offered a great job in Andover, Mass and he wanted us to move there
so he could take it. I said, “Andover??? Like the remote part of
Northern Massachusetts? What am I supposed to do there – get a job as
a waitress?”

His response?

“Well, you’re not going to pursue this acting thing forever, are

It hit me like a thunderbolt of lightning. Thanks, God. What was I
thinking being in a relationship with someone who truly didn’t
understand who I was? Did I seriously move across the country for

I pulled the car over and starting bawling crying. He said, “I think
we need to stop this conversation.” And I said, “No, I think we need
to stop this relationship.”

Six months later I was back in LA. It was the best decision I have
ever made.

In fact, two days ago I returned from my honeymoon with my amazing
husband who is also my best friend. He supports that I will be “doing
this acting thing forever” wholeheartedly and loves living in Los
Angeles as much as me.

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