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David’s Story: Old Lying Man

Old Lying Man

I was dating an older man, it turned out he had lied about his age from the very beginning. First on match, David Hughes said he was 62, then he was 65 and finally it turned out he was 68. He was a very smooth talker. I am 56 yrs old, attractive younger looking woman..and I told myself that looks didn’t matter..that he really cared. Well on top of all the lies when we finally got to bed after 2 months of emailing it turns out he was impotent as well. Don’t you think in the 200+ emails he would have brought that up..said it was something new because of prostrate surgery..oh but then that story changed, then he said he had been impotent 8 years!! It turns out he was cheating with this disgusting old lady, with the old lady smoking voice…gross!!! What was I thinking to have even looked twice at this old f…..?? Always go with your gut!

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