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Eileen’s Story: Homework

You might have thought I’d have bailed when his mom told him he had to pick between prom with me (first weekend in june) and the science fair (second weekend in june) and he picked the science fair. And I am sure I would have been forgiven for flinging my hot fudge sundae spoon in his face when he announced that, after thinking it over, he should date other women (at the age of 17) because he planned on marrying me, but it made good common sense for him to not marry the only woman he’d ever dated.  And I am sure we must have made a solid mis-match in the first place–him, a momma’s boy, a brainiac, focused on medical school since the 5th grade, and me–horny, with perfect gravity-free boobs and NOT afraid to use them, contemplating a life singing rock and roll surrounded by male groupies but still–there we were, somehow conjoined, to my parents’ eternal bliss and his parents’ complete dismay. But so many reasons for me to jettison this attempt at reformation in the form of an unsuspectedly hot body under so many pencil protectors–and yet I stayed. Until the piece de resistance, in the form of HIS resistance to my womanly wiles. Imagine if you will the step-down living room of his house, fortunately bereft of any parental presence. Also imagine my not-so-subtle pretense of “needing some help” with some ridiculously easy bit of homework. There we were–two heads together over one useless bit of math factoid. I make my excuses, step casually out of the room only to re-emerge a few minutes later buck naked, in all my hot-body horny high school need with my feet rubbing against the sky-blue shag carpeting. “ahhh perfect” I thought. THIS would be the scene of my deflowering of the boy….who looked up with dismay. And said “you know, I am trying to get my homework done, here”.

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