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Jennifer’s Poem: What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?

I was thinking
Of his lips
His cute butt
His perfect voice
His sweet touch
I didn’t see the sad behind the grey of his eyes
I didn’t see the scared human
With a twisted back
And willowy chest
So soft and pale like a baby’s
I saw only the flicker of man
Projected from inside a boy

I was thinking of the vows
Said one day on the sand
With salt in my hair
Slowly wilting the white orchid
I thought only of forever
And daily need
That a think like us could never break
Crack or tear
Scar like the ones that run up and down my chest
Now my heart has ones to match

I was thinking of only
The rose without thorns
And unreal created thing
A hothouse creature
Manipulated and altered
Not a thing of the wild
Or the sun and the earth
Not a thing of truth

I see the world in rose
With fairies by ponds
With mermaids in the sea
With energy coming from the earth
Winding around her children
I see good
I saw only good
And this is the way
I will continue to think

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