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Michelle’s Story: Curly Hair

I dated this guy very shortly last year. He was very affable and outgoing latino ad he had curly hair. I have a thing for curly hair and latin was like that cherry on top of it. I just love it. Its shallow and stupid but what is more stupid is how in this late stage in my life I didn’t listen to him. He recounted story after story of his dating life, (bad sign) and he kept telling me how he dated women who for whatever reason couldn’t accept him for who he was. A woman he dated for a year but would not tell her friends and family he was her boyfriend because he was not Cambodian. His ex-wifes family never accepted him, though he accepted the child they had together.Well I dug him so much and eventually he had to tell me, “You are not good enough for me!!” Who says that to a person, even if they are not good enough for you? I would never say that to anyone. We are not right for one another, anything but that. Amazing.

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