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Noa’s Story: Perfect


He cried all the time when we started dating.I’d go to the store for a minute, only to find him crying when I returned:

I am not an understanding person.   THEY were together for nearly 8 years!  Should we break up? No, he’s in love with me, not her. It’s just going to take him a little while longer to get over HER.

He began to lay down the law:

He is in charge.  We go to bed when he is ready for bed—5AM.  If I want a warm blanket, I can buy it myself.  If I want a bed large enough for 2 people, I can get it myself.  He can’t sleep at my house because he has to play his guitar all night.  We eat what I put in his fridge, or we eat eggs.  We go where he wants when he wants and I better be on time.  If I don’t like it, we can go out separately.  THEY used to go out separately.

He couldn’t believe he was attracted to me.He told me this all the time.

He usually likes short brunette girls, like HER.  She is so sexy.  He’s never been attracted to cheesy blondes with blue eyes.  I am blonde with blue eyes.  So many girls love him!  They are all over him!  He is the man!

He was so mad that I put pictures of us on Facebook, even though he had asked me to join the site:

SHE saw them!  SHE de-friended him!  I am so insensitive.  He de-friended me.

How dare I complain?If I don’t like it I can leave.

I leave.  He begs me to come back.  He throws me out.  He begs me to come back.  He throws me out.  He begs me to come back.  He throws me out.  He begs.  We break up.

He tried to date HER again, but he wouldn’t stop calling me.

I see them at my graduation.  SHE is not the short, dark-haired woman I imagined.  SHE is not Selma Hayek or Eva Longoria Parker.  She is chunky and frumpy.  She is from New Jersey.  He can’t seal the deal with her.  He’s only attracted to me.  But I’m not good enough to marry because I want children.  We are 30.  SHE has her priorities in order.  SHE tells him that she doesn’t want kids anytime soon.   SHE wants what he wants.  SHE won’t ever ask for a thing.  SHE will never complain.  SHE’s perfect for him.


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