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Kimberly’s Story: James

We met on Yahoo personals. He seemed perfect – he liked racing, was nice looking, worked for Harley-Davidson, and seemed so sweet. We dated for a year and a half – I never had a better time and hoped we would one day get married.One afternoon when I walked into his place, I noticed a print out of an email sitting on his desk. I admit it was wrong – but I read it. It was from a woman talking about her intimate relationship with my boyfriend – whom she referred to as her boyfriend. I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t even believe it. It got better! Later that afternoon, as he and I were fighting about the email, a woman showed up at the door. She was another one of his girlfriends. How dumb am I? While he was dating me, he was also dating women in Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin – and we all thought we were the only one. I hired a private investigator and they found out he was on all kind of dating sites and was having casual flings with people. So it wasn’t bad enough my boyfriend was a cheater but he now also exposed me to all kinds of STDs. So I’m now in recovery. I share my story in hopes that others might recognize him – and run! He’s a serial cheat and liar. And I deserve so much better!

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