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Michon’s Story:

I met a guy thru another guy I worked with. He lives in California & I live in Florida. It started out as just “hi, how are you?”, very casual. But as time passed – it became more & more intense. We talked on the phone, we would IM each other, chat on FaceBook & send text messages every day, like we had actually met one another & were actually dating! He would send me pictures of himself-some of them pretty bold! -would ask me about my day, what plans I had for the night, etc-but by this point we were both “involved”! This went on for months until we decided that I would fly out to Ca. for a few days so we could actually spend time together-in person! I had my ticket & took time off work, got someone to dogsit & take care of my house & business -when he sends me a text asking me to change the days because his “soon to be” ex-wife was flying out the same week & she was staying with him, too! Stupid me! I change my plans-which was no easy task- & fly out earlier at his request. I fly from Florida to California on Christmas day for him to tell me, after 1 day, that he can’t “do this”!! He isn’t over his divorce-which hasn’t even happened because he just filed the papers on December 19th! He then asks me if I want to go to a friends house or he will get a flight home for me that day!! He gets out his phone, goes online & finds a flight leaving in an hour. We race to the airport only to find out that the flights is around $900 and I can get to Houston but nothing is flying back into Orlando until the next day. So he gets a flight for me for the next day, takes me back to the hotel & gets me a room, slids the key to me across the counter & tells me there is a shuttle that can take me to the airport the next day. At this point all I could do is turn around and walk away-which is what I did. I never heard from him again!?!

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