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Suzi’s Story: Lisa

This actually happened to someone VERY close to me (I’ll call her Lisa) and I just about wanted to K-I-L-L her boyfriend over it! Lisa had been dating a guy for 7 years, they even moved in together. I become a roommate during the last 1 1/2 years. They were both very athletic and went to races all over California and Nevada, and Steve was also a personal trainer (at the encouragment of Lisa). At a local race a girlfriend told me that she’d seen Lisa’s boyfriend (let’s call him Steve) with Lisa and Steve’s hairstylist “hanging out” together. I warned Lisa about this and she said, “No, Steve’s just become her personal trainer, that’s why she saw them together.” But when Lisa went to her monthly appointment with her hairstylist that week, (I’ll call her Kelly), who she had been going to for over 7 years….Kelly walked up to her and said, “Oh, I made a mistake and double booked you so Emily will be doing your hair today” and walked off. No apology, no offer to rebook her or book her next appointment. This had NEVER happened before, so that’s when Lisa became very suspicious and confronted Steve who then confessed. Not only did her boyfriend break up with her, but so did her hairstylist!! The poor girl found out that not only was her boyfriend a loser, but so was her hairstlylist.

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