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Denise’s Story: Dying to Ditch

There was the guy who picked me up for our date with his friend in tow (as he didn’t have a driver’s license). It was a convertible, so you can imagine what my hair looked like by the time we got to the party. This was our first date, but the other couple with us were very “close”. Of course, that gave my date ideas he shouldn’t have been getting and he starts hitting on me before we even get to the party. There’s nothing like going down a busy street, in a convertible, with some guy trying to climb all over you. The party was ok, so we head on to dinner afterwards. My date smears salad dressing all over his face and doesn’t seem to realize it. I try to discreetly tell him; to no avail. He takes veggies out of his salad (that he doesn’t like) and throws them into my salad for me to eat. Of course, by this time I’m dying to ditch this guy and go home, so I don’t order any dessert, or drinks, nothing that will keep me there any longer than I have to be. As a result, all the way back to my house, my dream guy keeps telling me what a “cheap date” I am. I’m dropped off first, as the other couple wanted to go on to another party. My date actually thinks I’m going to invite him in, kiss him goodnight, etc. – and he still has salad dressing on his face! I can laugh about it now, but I didn’t date again for a long time after that!!

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