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Elisa’s Story: Not Good Enough

So I was in love with an Israeli man (I am catholic) who also professed his undying love for me. This was the “real” thing. I got pregnant. He didn’t want the baby, telling me it was because the timing was bad or we were too young (late 20’s), I don’t remember… At the end of the relationship he tells me the real reason – that I, as non-jew, was not good enough to be mohter to his children. So he decides that I need to terminate the pregnancy. I didn’t want to lose him, so I agreed. He drops me off at the clinic, but doesn’t stay with me through the most tramatic experience of my life. No, he drops me off and heads to the mall to kill time and we arrange for him to return at a set time. He returns 1-1/2 hours later than promised while I sit in the waiting room, stunned and emotionally drained. We get in the car and he tells me he picked up a few nice pairs of shoes for himself… oh, and was it a boy or a girl.

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