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Alicia’s Story: Hindsight

I am embarressed too say I have so many bad boyfriend stories it would take me years to say them all, but one guy definently has to top them all. He actually ended up being my ex husband eventually so guess that proves my stories worth and my idiocy. Our relationship was filled with breakups and makeups and 99% of the time it was because he was bored or something and had cheated on me so he broke up with me. The other 1% was he got me in so much trouble at home I would get grounded and he couldn’t hang out with me so he’d break up with me.

I remember times of him leaving me with no ride(I was in high school and had no car), walking in on him and another girl, forgotten Valentine’s days, waiting weeks without a call, and yet I always felt like in the end he made up for it and we stayed together. After high school and being on and off for years, he asked me to marry him via email, yes you read the right via email, and I said yes. To this day I have no idea why I can only figure I felt the timing must be finally right for us. I seem to have forgotten all the rejections, and of course the bad boyfriend didn’t turn out to be a great husband either.

I would have to say their were two defining moments when I knew without a doubt what a mistake I made (since apparently I failed to catch on to all the indicators when we were dating). The first was in the beginning when we were newlywed and driving to our new state and he got mad and left me in a hotel for a few hours thinking he wasn’t coming back. The other would be when my mother passed away and he said he had a trip to go on and didn’t want to cancel it or take more time off to come home with me for her funeral. All I can say is hindsight is the best thing about growing old. That was the last time I made the mistake of accepting less than I deserve, no matter what my daydreamy mind and loins told me!

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