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Now Playing in Austin, TX Thurs-Sat October 22, 23,24,29,30 “We’ll have a special 4PM Halloween show (Sat 10/31) followed by and afterparty!” “Hysterical” ~ Someone very important “Funny because it’s true-ish” ~ A real tastemaker (like Oprah)

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Oprah and Friends

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Erica’s Story: “Friends”

Remember that episode of “Friends” when Ross & Rachel fight over his infidelity while they were on…

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David’s Story: Old Lying Man

Old Lying Man I was dating an older man, it turned out he had lied about his…

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Robbie’s Story: Crazy Love-Don’t Date Brain-Damaged Guys

Crazy Love-Don’t Date Brain-Damaged Guys I feel foolish even telling this story. I met an attractive, smart, 47-year-old…

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Jessica’s Story: I Saw The Sign

I Saw The Sign First off, I’ll just admit it – I’m an actor. I’ve been acting…

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Katie’s Story: Welcome to The Club

I met Jake (not his real name) when we both attended a small private college. Our first…

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Noa’s Story: Perfect

  He cried all the time when we started dating.I’d go to the store for a minute,…

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The New York Post

Check out the latest about WWIT in the New York Post !

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What Was I Thinking? Film News

Reposted from Cinematical: Elizabeth Banks Snag Their Own Film by Monika Bartyzel Apr 17th 2009 // 4:02PM   It…

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Alicia’s Story: Bad Date

I was in Washington DC for a weekend, and called up an old college friend to see…

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Jennifer’s Story: The Ex and the Text

I hate a woman I’ve never met. Her name is Jordana and she has no idea I…

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