What Was I Thinking? The Play

Now Playing in Austin, TX Thurs-Sat October 22, 23,24,29,30 “We’ll have a special 4PM Halloween show (Sat 10/31) followed by and afterparty!” “Hysterical” ~ Someone very important “Funny because it’s true-ish” ~ A real tastemaker (like Oprah)

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Oprah and Friends

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Marissa’s Story: Hair

The bathroom floor is covered with hair. With each stroke I see the hair droppings fall to…

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Robin’s Story: That’s Just How He Is

We had been dating long distance for two and a half years and in that time I…

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William’s Story: Nothing Major

This is to add some perspective from a male point of view. I was not a big…

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Alicia’s Story: Hindsight

I am embarressed too say I have so many bad boyfriend stories it would take me years…

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Elisa’s Story: Not Good Enough

So I was in love with an Israeli man (I am catholic) who also professed his undying…

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Trent’s Story:

“On the perils of travel”I spend way the hell too much time on the internet. I know…

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Denise’s Story: Dying to Ditch

There was the guy who picked me up for our date with his friend in tow (as…

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Diana’s Story: Not all men are created equal

When I was in my mid-twenties, I fell hard for a guy I worked with. I was…

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Lisa’s Story: Stalking

When I was about 16 or 17, a guy I dated suddenly became extremely possessive. I was…

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Michelle’s Story: Curly Hair

I dated this guy very shortly last year. He was very affable and outgoing latino ad he…

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