What Was I Thinking? The Play

Now Playing in Austin, TX Thurs-Sat October 22, 23,24,29,30 “We’ll have a special 4PM Halloween show (Sat 10/31) followed by and afterparty!” “Hysterical” ~ Someone very important “Funny because it’s true-ish” ~ A real tastemaker (like Oprah)

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Luisa’s Story: Zombie love

We used to call him Gary during the day, because his beautiful, colorless, eyes were inert and…

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Seedra’s Story: Respect

When we first started dating he’d said he was divorced. I know what some guys’ idea of…

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Tangie’s Story: First Valentine’s Day

I was dating my boyfriend for almost a year and this was our first Valentine’s Day together….

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Suzi’s Story: Lisa

This actually happened to someone VERY close to me (I’ll call her Lisa) and I just about…

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Michon’s Story:

I met a guy thru another guy I worked with. He lives in California & I live…

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Kimberly’s Story: James

We met on Yahoo personals. He seemed perfect – he liked racing, was nice looking, worked for…

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Sally’s Story:

I moved in with my Busy and Important boyfriend, the toast of Saratoga Springs, NY. Every day,…

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Lauren’s Story: Creepy Wayne

In high school I dated this guy named Wayne. He was pretty goth, but I thought it…

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Alexandra’s Story:

What was I thinking…I should have come to my senses a mutiple of times. I was 21…

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Meg’s Story: The Last Bad Boyfriend

My sister called me about 3:00 on the Friday afternoon before Memorial Day weekend. “I have breast…

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